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Interrentye Body Products is a community enterprise initiative of Akeyulerre Healing Centre, a not-for-profit community organisation.
Akeyulerre is a cultural healing centre for Aboriginal people in Alice Springs. It was developed 15 years ago by a group of senior Arrernte people of Central Australia to promote cultural practices that are recognised as being integral to the wellbeing of the community. It is a place where community people can come and sit down, talk, share ideas and seek advice and support if they desire.

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All our products are locally handmade with natural ingredients.

At Akeyulerre, the women make and provide traditional bush rubs for their family and the community free of charge. This is an important service as it provides many people with their only access to their traditional medicines. In order to financially support this activity, Akeyulerre established Interrentye through which the products can be sold to the wider public.

Why Interrentye is important to us

The women are involved in collecting the plants and preparing the medicines, in an environment where senior knowledge holders can pass on important cultural knowledge to the younger generations. Interrentye also provides an important social enterprise for young women where they are able to gain skills and experience in running a small business initiative.


Arrethe was traditionally an important medicinal plant. It grows on rocky hillsides around Central Australia where Arrernte women harvest the leaves in good seasons and grind them up by hand then mix them with a blend of natural plant oils to make these Interrentye Arrethe bush rubs or body oils that can be used as a chest rub for colds and flus.


Utnerrenge grows in many different habitats around Central Australia, and is used by Arrernte in traditional smokings. Interrentye Utnerrenge bush rubs and body oils are made from leaves harvested locally by Arrernte women, ground up by hand then mixed with a blend of natural plant oils. Used on the body to nurture dry and irritated skin.


Aherre-intenhe grows in gravelly soils on plains around the Central Australian region. It has sticky leaves that Arrernte women grind up by hand and mix with a blend of natural plant oils to make these Interrentye Aherre-Intenhe bush rubs and body oils. Used to soothe joint and muscle pain.


Apere grows along many ephemeral rivers around the Central Australian region and extracts of oil from its leaves are added to our handmade Interrentye Apere soap to cleanse and soothe skin.

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