Interrentye Traditional Healing Products

The word Interrentye is an old Arrernte word which means the knitting together or healing of the body. Our products are made by our hands with love and pride. They protect and heal. We heal ourselves through the gathering of the plants on country, the preparation of the plants and the making of our product range. Your purchase of these products supports the ongoing transfer of traditional knowledge and the development of our business development and education and employment.

Who Are We?

Interrentye Traditional Healing Products is a social enterprise of Akeyulerre Healing Centre. We young Arrernte women created this, with the help of our elders, to be a place where we can preserve, practice and enjoy our culture, as well as provide an avenue for real employment where we can gain training and skills in running a small business. To find out more go to our newslines interview.

What Do We Do?

Amongst the negative things, we are promoting a positive image of our rich culture not only to the wider public but to our mob as well. Working here, we are sharing our knowledge and culture.

How Interrentye came about:

At Akeyulerre, we make and provide traditional bush rubs for our families and our community free of charge. This is an important service as it provides many people with their only access to their traditional healing products. It was also an opportunity to pass on important cultural knowledge to the younger generation. With the knowledge and support from our Elders, we young women developed an enterprise, Interrentye Traditional Healing Products, where we are able to share these products with the wider public.

Why is it important to us?

The women are involved in collecting the plants and preparing the bush rubs, in an environment where senior knowledge holders can pass on important cultural knowledge to the younger generations. Interrentye also provides an important social enterprise for young women where they are able to gain skills and experience in running a small business initiative.

About our products…

All our products are locally handmade with natural ingredients. The plants for the bush products are prepared by using the traditional grinding method and instead of using animal fat, we use modern ingredients. Besides the plant material, the rubs contain Olive and Soybean oils and Beeswax and the body oils are made with Macadamia, Sunflower and Soybean oils.

Traditionally, plants were used for a wide variety of ailments and collection of plant material depended on seasons, location and availability. These products are made by incorporating this knowledge that has been passed on for generations. Products are made with the highest quality ingredients to ensure you are receiving the best quality product for your skin.

Plant materials used:

Arrethe (ara-tha)  Used as a chest rub for colds and flus

Utnerrenge (ut-nar-rung)  Used on the body to nurture dry and irritated skin

Aherre-Intenhe (ara-in-ten)  Used to soothe skin sores and muscle pain

Natural Lip Balm  Nurtures and soothes lips

Apere (eucalyptus) Soap  Nourishes, cleanses and soothes skin